Special Delivery


Special Delivery


The only thing Michael wants for Christmas is a robot.
He writes one more letter to Santa with just two words – ROBOT PLEASE!
It’s Christmas Eve, so Michael decides to deliver this letter in person.

After everyone is asleep, he puts on his jacket, tugs his hat down over his ears, and tip-toes out the door. He grabs his sled by the rope handle and pulls it to the top of the highest hill in the neighborhood.
Michael takes a deep breath, closes his eyes, and pushes off. The sled goes faster and faster until it is flying high into the night sky.

THWUMP! Michael’s sled lands in a huge snowdrift. Something licks his face. He opens his eyes. Right in front of him are a reindeer – with a red nose – and a small man,  who smiles and says, “Welcome to the North Pole.”
Michael holds up his letter.
“Could you please give this to Santa?”
“ Yes, indeedy!” The small man grabs Michael’s letter and runs off.
Michael sees a bright star. He closes his eyes and wishes, real hard, for a robot.
When he opens them he’s in his bed. He must have dreamed about his sled ride.

Under the Christmas tree, Michael sees a robot-size present. He rips off the paper. A smaller package falls out. The note stuck to it says, You lost your hat in the snow drift, Love Santa. In the package is his hat.
Michael laughs. It wasn’t a dream afterall!


Candace Kubinec




What Do You Get A Snowman For Christmas

What Do You Get A Snowman For Christmas?


The boy and the girl were in a slight pickle.
They needed a gift and had just one nickel.

That’s all they had left in their pockets, you know,
to purchase a gift for their friend made of snow.

They could knit him some socks,
wrap them up in a box.

Oh! Maybe a hat –
with a brim. He’d like that.

A tent would be fun,
to protect him from sun.

Do you think he’d like kittens,
or fuzzy wool mittens?

A pair of snow boots?
A set of pan-flutes?

A new carrot nose?
(He could use one of those.)

A warm winter coat,
or a train, or a boat?

Well, the boy and the girl,
with their thoughts in a whirl,

Just sat, and they sat,
and they sat, sat, sat, sat,

Thinking and thinking
without even blinking.

And then, in a flash,
an idea landed – CRASH!

They made a snowball
rolled it round, not too tall.

Then gave it big ears –
and short tail, it appears.

What did they make?
A giraffe or a snake?

Did they make him a horse,
or a monster, or worse?

Did they make a yule log?
No, they made a snow dog!


Candace Kubinec

My entry for the Holiday Surprise PB Story Contest at Susanna Hill’s blog.



Give Thanks

Give Thanks

Millicent finished a bowl of hot soup and left the church cafeteria. She didn’t complain as she limped slowly toward the park. She knew she was luckier than others.

In the tunnel, she wrapped her blanket more tightly around her shoulders and gave thanks before drifting off to dreamless sleep.

My November submission to 50 Word Stories

Pumpkin’s Wish

It’s Halloweensie contest time again over at Susanna Hill’s blog 🎃🎃🎃

100 words- no more
And stories must include the words candy corn, monster, shadows



Pumpkin’s Wish


Pumpkin sat upon the porch
Illuminated by a torch.
He didn’t care for Halloween –
Shadowy ghosts, monster screams.
He’d rather sit inside and read
About brave nights on noble steeds.
But he must do his very best
To sit and grin beside the rest
Of Jack-O-lanterns in a row.
Greet trick-or-treaters with a glow.
As children dressed like unicorns
Each fill their bags with candy-corn,
Chocolate and other treats –
Then skip away along the street.
He mustn’t grimace, groan or moan.
Sit quietly as an orange stone
Until each pirate, princess, queen
Goes home to bed this Halloween.


Hester And Pester Plan A Party

It’s Halloweensie contest time again over at Susanna Hill’s blog 🎃🎃🎃

100 words- no more
And stories must include the words candy corn, monster, shadows


Hester and Pester Plan a Party

Hester and Pester, the monster twins, were having a Halloween party. They invited their monster school friends and the new monster in their class, Meridith.
Meridith’s face wasn’t green and bumpy, like the other monsters. Some monsters pointed and made fun of her. Some wouldn’t sit with her in the cafeteria.
Hester and Pester knew Meridith was tons of fun. They had a plan. The invitations included a special blue mask for each monster to wear.
At the party the monsters played shadow tag and ate candy-corn together. They found out Meridith was just like them, even without a mask.


~ Candace Kubinec

Hide and Go Screech

It’s Halloweensie contest time again over at Susanna  Hill’s blog

100 words- no more
And stories must include the words candy corn, monster, shadows


Hide and Go Screech

Melba Witch was determined to win the trophy at the Halloween olympics.
She had already out run monsters, flown higher than shadowy ghosts.
She could win every contest – except Hide and Go Screech. Melba was good at hiding, not so good at being quiet.
She tried holding her breath. She got hiccups. Then she got the giggles.
She tried lying under her broom. The straw made her sneeze.
Melba was so tired she curled up behind a cauldron filled with candy-corn and fell asleep. Cheering woke her. She’d won!
Melba is good at being quiet – when she’s sleeping

The Halloween Birthday Scare

A Halloweensie story for the contest over at Susanna Hill’s blog 🎃🎃🎃

100 words – no more

must includ the words candy corn, monster, shadows


The Halloween Birthday Scare

The note on Kevin’s bedroom door read, “Follow a sweet trail to find your surprise.”
Kevin slowly followed the trail of candy-corn into the woods. Even though he’d worn his brave-knight costume, his knees were shaking. He jumped as shadows, like monster”s arms, flickered across the path.
Every Halloween his big brother played spooky tricks on him.
“I won’t be scared, I won’t be scared”, Kevin chanted.
A twig snapped behind him. Kevin walked faster. An owl hooted. Kevin started running. The trail ended. Kevin looked up and saw a big birthday cake.
“Surprise!”, everyone yelled.
Kevin laughed out loud.