The Chocolate Thief

Yesterday there were three chocolate mints in the box. Now the box is empty. Someone in the house raided my hidden stash during the night. My son is only three, so I’m eliminating him as a suspect. That leaves my husband as the culprit. I’d have to set a trap. I got his trail camera from the garage and put it in a corner of the kitchen. Then I put more chocolate in the box.

After dinner, as usual, Tom fell asleep halfway through our favorite show. I gently nudged his arm,”Go to bed. I’ll lock up.”
Once he was upstairs I turned on the trail-cam and positioned it at the right angle to catch the scoundrel.

I woke up before the alarm buzzed, slipped out of bed, and tip-toed down the stairs. I took the camera to my laptop and plugged it in. At the two-thirty seven mark a shadow appeared. My mouth dropped open as I watched the familiar figure walk to the hidden box, take out the chocolates, and eat them. I caught the chocolate thief in the act! But it wasn’t Tom. I was the sleepwalking, chocolate pilfering guilty party. I’ll just keep that to myself.




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