The Girl Next Door

Six months ago Lizzy was a successful project manager at a major high tech company. Now she was living off the grid on a small farm she purchased with her savings. No electricity, no running water, no car, no phone or computer, nothing that would leave a footprint in cyberspace. Things at work had become weird. She felt like she was being watched, constantly. Maybe she was paranoid but she felt more calm and relaxed in this new world. She had a vegetable garden, some chickens and a few goats. Learning to be self-sufficient hadn’t been as easy as she’d imagined but she approached it like any other project. Now she even had a few free hours every evening.
Loneliness was the only downside to her new lifestyle. Luckily there was an older woman on the next farm who befriended Lizzy. Each evening Lizzy would ride her bicycle through the field between their properties to sit on the porch with Mona and talk about the day, and the latest town gossip. When the sun set she rode home. Mona stood on her porch, waving, until Lizzy was out of sight then went inside and plugged herself into the company’s mainframe.


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