Passion Fromage

William, not Bill, may have been her current lover but cheese was her passion. She belonged to the Cheese of the Month Club International, went to cheese tasting events around the country, and subscribed to Cheese Lover’s Almanac. She and William met in the cheese aisle at Whole Foods and for two months they rendezvoused there every Sunday afternoon. Finally, one Sunday last month, they checked out together, went to her apartment, and made mad, frenzied love on her swiss cheese colored carpet.

Now, here they were on a cheese cruise, a dream come true! Every meal featured several cheese dishes in every course, the afternoon activities included cheese and wine paring sessions, and lectures on cheese making and history, every evening there was entertainment in the lounge – her favorite was a barbershop quartet from Wisconsin.

William kept repeating, “What a cheesy cruise this is.”
He said it over and over again, thinking that he was being clever. She’d told him he didn’t have to come with her but he’d insisted.

Last night he slipped on a piece of Camembert on the deck and tumbled overboard. Too bad he will miss the crowning of the Cheese King and Queen.




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