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A Shared Harvest

The aged apple tree is barren as days become colder.
The sweet aroma of cider, from remaining windfall fruit, floats on a chilly breeze that ruffles through brittle leaves still clinging to gnarled branches.
I have gleaned all I can, leaving behind a harvest feast for deer who visit nightly.


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In Contemplation of Retirement

In Contemplation of Retirement


He thought about retiring.
He took a leave-of-absence, headed south, got a job driving kids to summer camp. He’d always liked kids.
These kids laughed at his belly, threw things into his beard.
He couldn’t wait to get home where kids were just names on lists – naughty or nice.

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Waiting for a Sign

Waiting for a Sign

Cheryl sits on her porch, waiting. She knows when she sees the first lightening bug, glowing as it rises from the grass, that summer has truly arrived.

Her paranoid neighbor says they won’t come anymore – climate change.

Cheryl isn’t a believer. She shivers in the cold August night – waiting.

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Waiting for a Monarch

It’s time for the #50 Precious Words challenge at Vivian  Kirkfield’s blog

Here’s my entry

Waiting for a Monarch


Martha is tired of waiting.
“Be patient,” her mother says.
She was patient while she watched the caterpillar grow, crawl under a big leaf, magically form a chrysalis.
Martha is tired of waiting.
This morning she peeks under the leaf. No more waiting!
A beautiful butterfly is waiting for her

Candace Kubinec

50 Word Stories

Give Thanks

Give Thanks

Millicent finished a bowl of hot soup and left the church cafeteria. She didn’t complain as she limped slowly toward the park. She knew she was luckier than others.

In the tunnel, she wrapped her blanket more tightly around her shoulders and gave thanks before drifting off to dreamless sleep.

My November submission to 50 Word Stories

50 Word Stories



It rained the day I was born. Momma says the angels were crying because I left them.
Daddy laughs and says I poked a hole in the clouds on my way down. Momma and I just smile.
She winks at me and tucks a stray feather back under my sweater.


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