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Sue’s Mailbox Dilemma

It’s Valentiny Story time again at Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog

Sue’s Mailbox Dilemma

Tomorrow’s the valentine
party at school.
Sue will make a mail box
but must follow one rule.

She must make it herself
with help from no other –
not her mother, or father,
or sister, or brother.

She found a shoe box
and a bottle of glue.
How to decorate it
she hadn’t a clue.

She thought about making
it look like a barn,
small horses and cows
made out of yarn.

Too many ideas
raced through her mind.
Oh, what should she choose?
Which could she design?

Then she had an idea,
a simple solution,
she would borrow her sister’s.
Make a name substitution.

No one would know
that it wasn’t her own.
No one would remember
last year, how it shone,

the prize that it won –
of course it was first.
This year she’d be best
instead of the worst.

As she reached for that box
she began to feel bad,
imagining she heard
the voice of her dad.

“Just do your best.”
he’d always say,
“Then you’ll be a winner
at the end of the day.”

Sue took her plain box
some paper and paint,
Worked until bedtime
without a complaint.

At the Valentine party
the box Sue designed
didn’t win first prize –
It was ‘One Of A Kind’!

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The Bumpiest Gourd in the Pumpkin Patch

The Bumpiest Gourd in the Pumpkin Patch

Gordon wanted to be a Jack-O’Lantern, instead, he was a bumpy gourd.
He shivered, looking around the pumpkin patch.

“Who’s going to choose me?”

Gordon howled, “I’ll never get to be a Halloween decoration! I wish I could change.”

Wilda Witch stirred her cauldron. She heard Gordon crying and went to help.

“Gordon, you must be the best gourd you can be. There’s no other gourd like you.”

Gordon looked around. No other gourd had his bumps or bright colors.

A little boy pointed at him. “Daddy, here’s the one I want.”

Gordon smiled. He will be a Halloween decoration!

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Mr Freckle Cancels Halloween

Mr Freckle Cancels Halloween


The signs were all over town!
‘Halloween Party cancelled by order of Mayor Freckle’
Every year people guessed who Mr Freckle was because of his – freckles. This made him sad.

“Not this year,” he howled. “There will be no Halloween!”

Rose and Dorothy shivered, they loved Halloween. They thought and thought until they had a plan.
When they told Mr Freckle he chuckled and said, “I like it!”

Rose and Dorothy told all their friends, who told their friends.

On the night of the Big Halloween Party, no one could guess who was stirring the cauldron because ………..
Everybody had freckles!

Children’s Story

Barnyard’s Got Talent #PBPitch

Today is #PBPitch day!

Barnyard’s Got Talent

Clarence is nervous. He’s entered the Big Barnyard Talent Show for the first time and now he will have to perform in front of the celebrity judges. What was he thinking? He’s the smallest rooster on the farm!
He can hear the cow quartet practicing.
The swallows, last years winners, are trying out a new aerial ballet.
Clarence will have to add something spectacular to his cock-a-doodle-doo routine if he’s going to win the grand prize.

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Waiting for a Monarch

It’s time for the #50 Precious Words challenge at Vivian  Kirkfield’s blog

Here’s my entry

Waiting for a Monarch


Martha is tired of waiting.
“Be patient,” her mother says.
She was patient while she watched the caterpillar grow, crawl under a big leaf, magically form a chrysalis.
Martha is tired of waiting.
This morning she peeks under the leaf. No more waiting!
A beautiful butterfly is waiting for her

Candace Kubinec

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I Love You More Than Grubs and Flies

This is my entry for the Valentiny contest over at Susanna Hill’s blog. 

There is always hope for friendship.

I Love You More Than Grubs and Flies
(192 words)


Toad and Frog are not friends. They do not play together and they never exchange Valentines.
Toad lives in the garden. Frog lives in the pond.

“You’re all slimy,” Toad yells to Frog.

“Well you’re covered with bumps,” Frog shouts back.

“You have fly breath,” croaks Toad.

“At least I don’t eat grubs,” Frog croaks, even louder.

All night long, back and forth, Frog and Toad croak insults at each other.
Finally, Grandpa Bullfrog could stand no more. With a mighty “RIBBIT” he silences the two youngsters.

“Enough! Maybe you two should think about all the ways you are alike.”

“Well, I was born right here in this pond,” croaks Frog.

“Hey, I was too,” Toad croaks back.

“I like to eat mosquitos,” ribbits Toad.

“Yum, mosquitos are my favorite,” Frog replies.

All night long, back and forth, Frog and Toad croak about the things they both like.
Grandpa Bull Frogs closes his eyes and smiles.

This year, Frog and Toad each make a special Valentine for the other.

To my friend Frog: I love you even more than eating grubs. ❤️

To my friend Toad: I love you even more than catching flies. ❤️

Toad and Frog are friends.

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Shadowy Try-outs

Shadowy Try-outs


Phil W. Goundhog’s shadow flew off to Florida for the winter. It was tired of shivering through the cold, snowy winters in Pennsylvania. Phil had a nice furry coat to wear on February 2nd, but there are no coats to fit a shadow.
Last week Phil got a picture of his shadow on a towel, next to a swimming pool. Yesterday his shadow sent a selfie, stretched out under a palm tree.
Phil has to have a shadow for Groundhog Day. He can’t make his prediction for Spring without a shadow. He sends out a text to all his friends, “need a shadow for a gig on Feb. 2 – tryouts at my place tomorrow”.
Before he went to bed, Phil set up a big spotlight to shine on the wall of his burrow – perfect for casting shadows.
The next morning, when Phil opens his front door, he sees a long line of neighborhood pals waiting for a chance to be his Groundhog Day shadow.
First in line is Skunk. His tail is too fluffy.
Next is Mouse. She is just a bit too small.
Porcupine’s shadow is too jaggedy.
Bear’s is much too big.
Otter’s shadow keeps wiggling around.
Deer’s legs are too long and rabbit’s ears are too floppy.
At the end of the day, Phil still has no shadow.
He puts on his pajamas and turns out the lights.
“Maybe I’ll find a new shadow tomorrow”
Just as he is climbing under the covers, Phil hears a knock at his door.
He shuffles over and turns on the porch light before peaking out the window.
Standing on the doorstep is his shadow!
“I got your text.”
Phil opens the door and gives his shadow a big warm hug. This shadow friend is the perfect fit.